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The Batman (2022) has had lots of movies through the years and he did a bit of detective work, but not much. So this movie obviously wanted to showcase this ability of The Batman and it does so very well having a very good set of villains as this Riddler is much more what I am used to in the comics, the Penguin is not some mutated dude raised by penguins and corruption is the key to everything.

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We get a new Batman in Robert Pattison and he does a very good job, more dark and brooding and without all the growling and shouting of Bale’s. The movie is dark and just very interesting as it truly had me wondering who and what was the endgame. However, there is action, so do not let people try to say that the film is absent of some good old punching!

The story, key political figures are being dispatched, first it is the mayor. The person responsible leaves chilling riddles behind and seems to be taking an interest in Batman who is already Batman so no origin story here. Batman is already working with Gordon and looks over the crime scene.

Soon things start to point to this person or that and even Bruce’s father may have a part in it as the Riddler’s game turns out to be even more heinous than even Batman could guess!

Pattison was very good as Batman, he was not super muscular like the Batman in the comics, but really the only guy who pumped up for the role was Ben Affleck’s Batman. I would put Robert in a tie with Bale in second as they both look fit, but not really jacked up.

Colin is great as the Penguin and I was totally surprised to find Andy Serkis was Alfred. I kept thinking I know him from somewhere, but I guess I just did not think of the actor as old enough to be Alfred.

Zoe Kravitz is a rather good Catwoman, not quite Michelle’s but better than the one from Rising. The Batmobile I rather liked, like the Batmobile fused with Mad Max’s vehicle!

So, this film was good, I would say it is my fave Batman, but one always tends to fall in love with something when they see it for the first time, so I’ll hold judgement.

I am very curious to see where this is going and if they team up who I think they are going to team up, that would be really cool. I definitely think Robert can do the job, was not a fan of Twilight, but come on, everyone has to get their start somewhere, and he was so dark in this film, most will forget that he ever sparkled.

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